What to Expect - The 10-Point Coaching Program

Are you ready to reach your goals? Good!

The 10-Point Coaching Program incorporates skills, strengths, goals, attitudes and aptitudes. It is an all-encompassing program that helps you build a foundation (or add to yours) to keep you headed in the right direction. The 10-Point Coaching Program focuses on:

1. Strong Start
2. Productivity
3. Self Discovery
4. Mental Fitness
5. Physical Wellness
6. Full Potential
7. Connection
8. Motivation
9. Communication
10. Balance

Plus added points of Self Care and Stress Management.

The first step is to complete the Coaching Intake Form. (email to get yours now, at leahrhodes@outlook.com) Once you are approved, we begin!

Get set, Go!

Together we identify your goal(s) and create a personalized Action Plan of specific steps. 
We find resources to help you at each step. In each coaching session we discuss progress, any barriers or problems, and we discuss personalized tools that eliminate mental barriers to success. It's fun, and exciting to check off accomplishments and see real progress!