What is Self Care?

Self Care is a verb!
1. Active attention to your personal needs
2. Accountability to your personal values
3. Actively developing balance in all life areas: physical, mental, social, financial, emotional, spiritual, occupational and environmental.

Self Care is the way a person recognizes and acts on problem areas in their life.
When a person lives a lifestyle of Self Care, they:
1.   Feel a sense of inner peace and balance
2.   Have a positive influence on those around them
3.   Experience energy and focus throughout the day

Without usable Self Care skills, a person is likely to suffer from:
·        Mental fuzziness and confusion
·        Uneven physical energy during the day
·        Disrupted sleep patterns
·        Inability to communicate effectively at home and at work

A consistent lack of Self Care leads to:
·        Feeling disconnected from others
·        A general sense of dissatisfaction
·        A lack of direction and purpose
·        Feeling easily distracted and sidetracked
·        Acting on impulse rather than with purpose

If this describes your current state, Life Coaching can teach you:
·        How to develop a lifestyle of Self Care
·        How to set and achieve measurable goals
·        How to develop a daily routine of accountability and success
·        How to drastically reduce stress and mental fuzziness
·        How to feel more in control of the direction of your life
·        Realistic ways to eliminate self-defeating behaviors 

What is a lifestyle of Self Care?

Many people misunderstand Self Care and believe that it is something like a long weekend, a vacation, a massage, venting to a friend, or an event like this. These are elements of Self Care but stress returns after you return from one of these events and return to your normal life and routine. Nothing has changed. You still think the same and approach your problems the same way.

A lifestyle means that you develop and then practice a healthier way to think about problems and an effective way to solve them. The skills necessary to develop this lifestyle are taught through my coaching program. These skills take some practice but once your awareness grows, the momentum makes it easy to apply to every area of your life.