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The Self Care Guide is published monthly and is packed with useful information to help you in your quest for the most balanced life. Each issue is priced for a one-time purchase or to automatically receive one every month. 

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Enjoy a new topic each month that is designed specifically for women over 50! Receive a beautiful illustrated version sent directly to your mailing address so you can read it anytime, anywhere. It is conveniently sized to fit into your purse or bag.
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In each issue -
Interesting and well-researched articles on topics that matter to you. Keep up on the latest trends on health and wellness for women. Learn new skills that work fast!
Action Statements that keep your subconscious mind focused.
Healthy Recipes to balance your body's needs.
Updates on workshops, products, services, and other resources.
...and much more!

Self Care NW publishes a top-notch guide. The articles are tailored to you, a busy person who has influence on family, partners, co-workers, children and grandchildren, and so many more.