Self Care Kits

Why Self Care Kits?
"When the body is calm, the mind is focused." 

All natural soap bars – to revitalize your skin and your senses. Safely chemical free.

Wooden soap dish – natural soaps last longer when they drain through a wooden slated dish.

All cotton hand sewn wash cloth – gentle on your face and body for a luxurious, soothing experience.

Leather Journal
Leather journal – chart progress on your goals, track ideas anytime, keep track of reminders, draw, sketch, and express yourself.

Relaxation Neck Wrap – hand sewn in soft fabrics or flannel and filled with cracked feed corn for moist heat and a natural feel. Neck wraps can be microwaved for 1-2 minutes for comforting heat that relieves pain and stiffness; or put in the freezer and use for headaches and anywhere you need cold therapy.

Flannel Relaxation Neck Wraps

$30 Small Kit - Soap Bar, Washcloth, Wooden Soapdish
$45 Standard Kit - everything in the Small Kit PLUS a leather journal
$65 Deluxe Kit - everything in the Standard Kit PLUS a soft cotton or flannel relaxation neck wrap
Shipping Included, USA only
(No international shipping at this time.)

Give the gift of Self Care
Order now for the holiday season, birthdays, anniversaries, as a thank you, for a job well done, absolutely anytime! Be sure to order one for yourself.

We add new items and search for the highest-quality with you in mind. Check back often for new tools to add to your Kit.

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