Did You Know?
The Most Common Reasons People Seek Coaching at Self Care NW:

Communication patterns
Feeling stuck
Life Transitions
Self awareness
Emotional Resilience
Improve nutrition and health
Work stress / Life stress

Are You Ready For A Great New Year?

Take the 21-Day Challenge Now and Be Ready for the Best 2019:

Each day, write down 3 things in your journal that create a deep feeling of gratitude and thankfulness. Why?   The emotion of gratitude can re-wire your brain and naturally improve your ability to think and solve problems in all areas of your life. 

According to "The Secret", to experience deep gratitude, keep writing your list until your eyes are overflowing with tears. As the tears come, you will feel the most beautiful feeling around your heart and all through the inside of you. This is the feeling of true gratitude. Once you know this feeling, you can re-create it to bring healing.
There are 40 days until New Year's Day (from Thanksgiving to January 1). You have plenty of time to complete the 21-Day Challenge.