A non-judgmental approach to feeling great! 

Overall balance in mind and body for optimal enjoyment of life.
As we age we get smarter. It is easier to see the need for balance in all areas of life: thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and nutrition. By focusing on these 4 areas, you achieve balance and a greater sense of well-being.

All forms of stress and anxiety are the result of leaving the present moment. When you focus your attention on regrets or resentments in the past or on future worries over which you have no control, anxiety is the result. Mindfulness tools are simple to learn and easy to use. Mindfulness tools keep you focused on the present moment where all problem solving occurs. Increase feelings of control and peace, sleep better, improve relationships. Learn mindfulness tools.

Self Care

Self care skills are the specific ways you take care of yourself. Women are great at taking care of others but not as diligent about caring for themselves. By using self care skills, you achieve overall Wellness and live better than you thought possible.

As your Wellness Coach, we work together on your specific goal for yourself. We create a customized plan just for you in the 4 areas of Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviors, and Nutrition. We go at your own pace. Most clients say they see improvement and feel better from their very first meeting. 

Got Wellness goals?  

  1. Improve nutrition, health and wellness
  2. Manage thoughts, emotions and behaviors
  3. Understand the mind-body connection

Common goals

  • Live a healthier lifestyle
  • Improve relationship with better communication
  • Reduce stress and learn how to relax
  • Get through a life transition
  • Balance emotions
  • Be more focused and organized
  • Eat healthier consistently
  • Break a bad habit

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