An Intellectual Approach to Mind-Body Wellness 

“Using the connection between the mind and the body to feel better”

When you feel bad, your brain seeks a feel-good activity (bad habit) that it remembers and the urge to repeat is it strong. It is hard to break bad habits until the brain learns healthier ways to feel better. After you engage in a bad habit, you feel guilty, you feel like a failure, and you feel like nothing will change no matter how hard you try.

The secret is not to work hard but to work smart to overcome these bad habits. 

Let me ask you, "If you had at least 10 new smart skills to solve problems, communicate better, get your needs met, and feel better emotionally and physically, how would your life be different? Would you have a better quality of daily life?" If you can answer YES, you are ready for Self Care Coaching.

Self Care Coaching teaches the Smart Skills to holistic wellness in mind and body. These skills fall into 4 categories: Thoughts. Emotions. Behaviors. Nutrition.

Once you learn the Smart Skills in all 4 areas, you feel better and get better results every day. Your relationships improve, your productivity and job performance improve, your parenting is easier, you mental and emotional wellness is stronger, and your physical health is going in a much better direction.

This is a program to learn effective Smart Skills. As a Self Care customer, you will learn, practice and master the skills that create a lifestyle of self care. A lifestyle means a natural and automatic way of responding and behaving in every day life.

Almost all pain in life comes from these unresolved emotions: fear, anger, guilt, grief and shame. These unresolved emotions create patterns of behavior. These emotions are resolved by learning and using the Smart Skills in the Self Care Coaching program.

By identifying these patterns, the process of resolving and learning healthy patterns is fun, exciting and it works!