What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is someone with the training to help you reach your goals faster than doing it alone.
A Coach has lots of resources that really work.
A Coach helps you stay focused on what's important, no distractions. 

Do I need a Life Coach or a therapist?

I have goals but lose motivation easily - Coach

I need tools to get my mind and body to work better - Coach

I know what I want but I get side-tracked. I need someone to point me in the right direction - Coach

Symptoms of depression and anxiety - Therapist

A desire to eliminate procrastination and learn better time management - Coach

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by my busy schedule - Coach

Feeling like I want to end my life - Therapist

I can't stop drinking and it is ruining my marriage - Therapist

A desire for better skills to balance life and work - Coach

How to improve my communication with my family, my boss, my friends, my kids - Coach

I need to lose weight for my health - Doctor, then Coach

My kid is involved with drugs and he keeps getting kicked out of school - Therapist 

I'm trying to get my life together after some legal troubles - Therapist

I am in a new phase of life (divorce, widowed, empty nest, etc.) and need some support - Therapist or Coach

I'm a teenager and my parents are always fighting and my grades are slipping - Therapist