Products, Services and Rates

Are you ready to find balance and achieve wellness?

Here's how to get started. Select the coaching package that works best for you. Contact me to schedule an appointment. In your first appointment, we:

1. Talk about your goal or goals
2. Create a plan that works for you
3. Outline specific steps just for you

Regular meetings are ideal to solve problems, keep you motivated, and celebrate your successes!

Services and Rates

Coaching sessions can be paid individually or you can purchase a package of sessions for a discount.

Personal Coaching Sessions are $75 per hour.

Coaching Packages
1 session for $75
3 sessions for $210 (use within 3 months)
5 sessions for $325 (use within 6 months)
10 sessions for $600 (use within 6 months)

A coaching package makes a great gift for anyone who is ready for a customized program to reach goals faster and more effectively.

Ready to get started?

1. Contact me to schedule a consultation.
2.  We will outline your goal, the skills needed and real tools to get started.
3.  Each time we meet, we discuss your progress, setbacks, questions, needs. After each meeting you leave with clarity and motivation!
4.  We always go at your pace. 

Cash or credit card payment in full is expected at the time of service. 

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