Upcoming Event - September 20th

Wednesdays at One - Weekly Workshops

Reach your goals faster by eliminating the mental barriers that get in the way. Get tools and skills in each workshop for faster progress on all of your goals and needs.

September 20th FREE
  • How to Set and Reach Goals - What you need to know. (Free class)
September 27
  • All Change Starts in the Brain - 4 common mistakes the average person makes
October 4
  • 7 Ways to Keep Motivated
October 11
  • The Key to Communication - How to Say it Without Crying or Yelling
... and many more exciting topics!  Workshops every Wednesday through November 15, 2017

Dates for 2017
September 20
September 27
October 4
October 11
October 18
October 25
November 1
November 8
November 15
Enjoy your holidays!

Products, Services and Rates

Coaching is not covered by insurance. Cash or credit card payment in full is expected at the time of service. 

1. Personal Coaching Sessions are $75

2. Workshops -  $35 per person or $25 each with Membership.

3. Newsletter - Tips and tools to keep you motivated.

4. Self Care Kits
Small Kit - Soap Bar, Washcloth, Wooden Soap dish
Standard Kit - everything in the Small Kit PLUS a leather journal
Deluxe Kit - everything in the Standard Kit PLUS a soft cotton or flannel relaxation neck wrap

All items available for purchase individually

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is an expert in a particular field who can skillfully guide you to success.
Coaches serve as your advisor and consultant, a friend with a fresh perspective.
A coach does not tell you what to do, but rather helps you stay focused as you pursue your goals.
A coach provides encouragement, resources, tools, teaches skills, and then gets out of your way!

Coaching is done in person, on the phone, and through email and text.

Do I need a Life Coach, a doctor or a therapist?

I have the same goal(s) every year but eventually I lose momentum - Coach

I need tools to get my mind and body to work together better - Coach

I know what I want but those mental barriers creep in and I get side-tracked. I need someone to point me in the right direction - Coach

Unaddressed symptoms of depression and anxiety - Therapist

A desire to eliminate procrastination and learn better time management - Coach

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by my busy schedule - Coach

Feeling like I want to end my life - Therapist

Pain and physical symptoms - Doctor

I can't stop drinking and it is ruining my marriage - Therapist

A desire to learn better skills for a work/life balance - Coach

How to improve my communication with my family, my boss, my friends, my kids - Coach

I need to lose weight for my health or to prepare for weight loss surgery - Doctor, Therapist, then Coach

I don't like the side effects of my medication - Doctor

My kid is involved with drugs and he keeps getting kicked out of school - Therapist for the kid; Coach for you

I'm trying to get my life together after some legal troubles - Therapist, then Coach

I am in a new phase of life (divorce, widowed, empty nest, etc.) and need some support - Therapist or Coach

I'm a teenager and my parents are always fighting and my grades are slipping - Therapist