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Enjoy your summer and then join us. Something for you once the kids are back in school!

Wednesdays at One (1pm) 

Weekly Self Care Workshops

- Now only $125 per person at the door or convenient registration here.

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September 20 - Introduction to Self Care
  • How to create a sustainable lifestyle of Self Care
  • Create mental and physical harmony
  • Use the assets you already have 
  • Limitations disappear as Self Care increases
September 27 - Getting Mentally Fit
  • All change starts in the brain
  • Using the Subconscious mind
  • Using Neuropathways 
October 4 - Wellness at any Age and Stage
  • Physical health equals strong Self Care
  • Revealing mind-body connections
October 11 - Putting Goals Into Action
  • Supercharge your Action Plan
  • From goal to success in 30 days
  • Recommendations and Resources

$125 per person
$112.50 when you register by 8/30/17
$225 when you and a friend register together


Welcome to Self Care NW!

Do you have goals but feel stuck?
Do you make many attempts to reach your goals but lose focus, start to procrastinate, and lose momentum part way through?
This is a common experience but not a necessary one. A Life Coach helps you to eliminate those barriers, allowing you to reach your goals in half the time!

Do you have more stress in your life than is healthy?
Would you like to develop healthier, more positive thought patterns?
At Self Care NW, we coach you in creating a lifestyle of less stress and healthier thought patterns. 
As a coach, I help you reduce stress so you can reach your goals no matter what age and stage of life you are facing: 
·       Finding the Work/Life Balance
·       Empty Nest
·       Retirement
·       Grandparenting
·       Adult Children

It's easy to get started:
1.  Contact me by email
2.  Attend the Wednesdays at One weekly workshops
3.  Schedule an appointment for individualized coaching