A non-judgmental approach to feeling great! 

Overall balance in mind and body for optimal enjoyment of life.
As we age we get smarter. It is easier to see the need for balance in all areas of life: thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and nutrition. By focusing on these 4 areas, you achieve balance and a greater sense of well-being.

All forms of stress and anxiety are the result of leaving the present moment. When you focus your attention on regrets or resentments in the past or on future worries over which you have no control, anxiety is the result. Mindfulness tools are simple to learn and easy to use. Mindfulness tools keep you focused on the present moment where all problem solving occurs. Increase feelings of control and peace, sleep better, improve relationships. Learn mindfulness tools.

Self Care

Self care skills are the specific ways you take care of yourself. Women are great at taking care of others but not as diligent about caring for themselves. By using self care skills, you achieve overall Wellness and live better than you thought possible.

As your Wellness Coach, we work together on your specific goal for yourself. We create a customized plan just for you in the 4 areas of Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviors, and Nutrition. We go at your own pace. Most clients say they see improvement and feel better from their very first meeting. 

Got Wellness goals?  

  1. Improve nutrition, health and wellness
  2. Manage thoughts, emotions and behaviors
  3. Understand the mind-body connection

Common goals

  • Live a healthier lifestyle
  • Improve relationship with better communication
  • Reduce stress and learn how to relax
  • Get through a life transition
  • Balance emotions
  • Be more focused and organized
  • Eat healthier consistently
  • Break a bad habit

Products, Services and Rates

Are you ready to find balance and achieve wellness?

Here's how to get started. Select the coaching package that works best for you. Contact me to schedule an appointment. In your first appointment, we:

1. Talk about your goal or goals
2. Create a plan that works for you
3. Outline specific steps just for you

Regular meetings are ideal to solve problems, keep you motivated, and celebrate your successes!

Services and Rates

Coaching sessions can be paid individually or you can purchase a package of sessions for a discount.

Personal Coaching Sessions are $75 per hour.

Coaching Packages
1 session for $75
3 sessions for $210 (use within 3 months)
5 sessions for $325 (use within 6 months)
10 sessions for $600 (use within 6 months)

A coaching package makes a great gift for anyone who is ready for a customized program to reach goals faster and more effectively.

Ready to get started?

1. Contact me to schedule a consultation.
2.  We will outline your goal, the skills needed and real tools to get started.
3.  Each time we meet, we discuss your progress, setbacks, questions, needs. After each meeting you leave with clarity and motivation!
4.  We always go at your pace. 

Cash or credit card payment in full is expected at the time of service. 

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is someone with the training to help you reach your goals faster than doing it alone.
A Coach has lots of resources that really work.
A Coach helps you stay focused on what's important, no distractions. 

Do I need a Life Coach or a therapist?

I have goals but lose motivation easily - Coach

I need tools to get my mind and body to work better - Coach

I know what I want but I get side-tracked. I need someone to point me in the right direction - Coach

Symptoms of depression and anxiety - Therapist

A desire to eliminate procrastination and learn better time management - Coach

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by my busy schedule - Coach

Feeling like I want to end my life - Therapist

I can't stop drinking and it is ruining my marriage - Therapist

A desire for better skills to balance life and work - Coach

How to improve my communication with my family, my boss, my friends, my kids - Coach

I need to lose weight for my health - Doctor, then Coach

My kid is involved with drugs and he keeps getting kicked out of school - Therapist 

I'm trying to get my life together after some legal troubles - Therapist

I am in a new phase of life (divorce, widowed, empty nest, etc.) and need some support - Therapist or Coach

I'm a teenager and my parents are always fighting and my grades are slipping - Therapist