Have you ever wanted an experienced guide to show you the most effective way to reach your goals and to reach them faster?

"Allison" wants to lose weight. This is a great goal! However Allison plans a strict diet with lots of salads and daily exercise. By the end of the second day, Allison is bored and hungry.

Allison's mistake is she set a "deprivation" goal*. It's hard to do a negative activity such as eating less or cutting out comfort food. Most goal-setters aim for their goal but don't know how to chart a fool-proof plan to reach the goal. When they fail at their goal, they say "goals don't work" and they give up.

My program for setting and reaching goals involves simple steps with meaningful activities that put you in control. The basic outline is this 3 step method:

1. Identify the overall goal
2. List the skills needed to reach the goal
3. Develop daily practices that build those skills

Instead of focusing so hard on the goal, you develop a daily routine that builds the skills necessary to reach your goal. Fun, eh?

Goal areas of most goal setters
*What's a deprivation goal, you say? A deprivation goal is when your aim is to cut out something that you believe is bad for you such as losing weight, quitting smoking, paying off a credit card, etc. You feel deprived. This is not a motivator. In my program, we design a personalized and customized plan just for you with lots of activities to do. In my program you are going toward something, not away from something. In fact, in my program you will not even focus on the weight or the cigarette or the debt.

Whatever your goal, in my program you will be busy with daily activities that fit into your normal routine at home or at work and even on vacation or when traveling. My program helps you to develop a lifestyle that supports your goal.

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What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a trained expert who can skillfully guide you in reaching your goals.
Coaches serve as an advisor and consultant, someone with a fresh perspective.
A coach helps you stay focused as you pursue your goals. A coach provides encouragement, resources, tools, teaches skills, and then gets out of your way!

Coaching is done in person, on the phone, and through email and text.

Do I need a Life Coach or a therapist?

I have the same goal every year but eventually I lose momentum - Coach

I need tools to get my mind and body to work together better - Coach

I know what I want but those mental barriers creep in and I get side-tracked. I need someone to point me in the right direction - Coach

Symptoms of depression and anxiety - Therapist

A desire to eliminate procrastination and learn better time management - Coach

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by my busy schedule - Coach

Feeling like I want to end my life - Therapist

I can't stop drinking and it is ruining my marriage - Therapist

A desire to learn better skills for a work/life balance - Coach

How to improve my communication with my family, my boss, my friends, my kids - Coach

I need to lose weight for my health or to prepare for weight loss surgery - Doctor, Therapist, then Coach

My kid is involved with drugs and he keeps getting kicked out of school - Therapist 

I'm trying to get my life together after some legal troubles - Therapist

I am in a new phase of life (divorce, widowed, empty nest, etc.) and need some support - Therapist or Coach

I'm a teenager and my parents are always fighting and my grades are slipping - Therapist