Welcome to Self Care NW!
Do you have more stress in your life than is healthy?
Would you like to develop healthier, more positive thought patterns?
Would you like to work with a personable, friendly mentor to help you reach goals?
As a therapist I helped people with everyday problems. Now, as a mentor and coach, I work with people in natural life adjustments such as:
·         Empty Nest
·         Work-Life Balance
·         Retirement
·         Marital Life
·         Wellness
·         Mental Health
·         Self Image
·         Confidence
·         Adult Children

It's easy to start:
1.           Get the Self Care Guide, an exclusive self care newsletter just for women.  This guide keeps you on track with your goals. Get support, tips and ideas that focus especially on you.
2.              Contact by email if you would like to set up contact by phone or email.
3.               Schedule an in-office appointment for individualized coaching. We are located in the Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR area.